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Strength requirements for black silicon carbide
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When black silicon carbide is used as abrasives, particle strength is an important factor affecting the use effect, and also plays an important role in the length of service life.
The strength of black silicon carbide is tested by the method of grinding grains under static load, that is, put 5g sample on the surface of a cylindrical disk, then put another cylindrical disk, and then pressurize to 30 kg / cm? Sieve the crushed part of black silicon carbide, and determine the ratio between the weight of the remaining uncracked part and the total weight. The greater the ratio is, the greater the strength is; otherwise, it is It shows that the strength of the black silicon carbide is small.
The strength of abrasive refers to the firmness of black silicon carbide particles. That is to say, when the abrasive blade is quite sharp, it can withstand the external pressure without being broken. The practice shows that the abrasive with poor strength has the advantages of quick comminution, low cutting ability and short service life. This requires that in addition to black silicon carbide has a high hardness, but also should have enough strength, in order to better grinding. The strength will directly affect the number of abrasive particles and the length of working time to maintain the highest cutting capacity. Therefore, the strength of abrasive is also one of the basic characteristics of abrasive.
The reduction of cutting capacity is largely due to the fragmentation of black silicon carbide, so the strength and damage will be reduced, and the quality of the workpiece will be improved accordingly.
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