Deoxidation process of black silicon carbide powder
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 Black silicon carbide powder plays an important role in the steel-making industry. Deoxidization should be carried out before use, so as to reduce the production cost. What is the deoxidization step?
1. The dissolution of silicon carbide deoxidizer and the homogenization of its concentration in the melt were studied.
2. The nucleation and growth of deoxidized products of black silicon carbide powder were studied.
3. Removal of deoxidation products from black silicon carbide powder.
4. After adding black silicon carbide powder deoxidizer into ladle (furnace), it takes a certain time to dissolve and homogenize its concentration in the melt, which is one of the important factors affecting the deoxidization rate and effect.
In fact, in the process of carrying out these steps, they overlap each other in time and space. Moreover, each step has its own kinetics, which largely depends on the observable conditions of the reaction at that time. The above is the black silicon carbide powder deoxidation related knowledge, for your reference only.
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