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Matters needing attention in the use of silicon carbide powd
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Although silicon carbide powder has many high-quality characteristics, it can not be used blindly in many cases.
1. The feeding environment should be sealed as far as possible, so it is not easy to fall into large particles with air flow.
2. During the use of slurry, tools should be well controlled to prevent cross use pollution.
3. Rotten packaging of silicon carbide powder as far as possible not to use, rotten packaging may have been mixed with impurities, affecting the cutting effect.
4. The slurry prepared for feeding shall not be stored for a long time. If it is too long, it will produce agglomerates and false particles, which may affect the wire cutting.
The hardness of SiC powder is determined by the content of silicon in it. In order to ensure the efficiency of detection and the accuracy of detection value, atomic absorption detection is used. The resistance particle analyzer is needed to detect the particle size of SiC powder, and the particle analyzer is used to accurately classify its shape coefficient and roundness. We should know that the diameter of SiC powder has a great influence on WEDM, especially the particle shape of SiC powder.
In order to reduce the occurrence of problems in the use of silicon carbide powder as far as possible, it is necessary to select a regular manufacturer. Generally, the processing technology of this kind of manufacturer is gradually improved and has experience, and the product has uniform particle size and high purity.
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