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Application of black silicon carbide powder in foundry indus
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Black silicon carbide powder has many high-quality characteristics, so it is welcomed in many industries. The cost is greatly reduced and the mechanical properties of products are improved in the foundry industry.
Black silicon carbide powder not only looks at the fixed carbon content, generally speaking, the fixed carbon content of the current black silicon carbide powder is very high, the reason for the different absorption is the arrangement of carbon. Generally good black silicon carbide powder is made of high-temperature graphitized graphite products, and the molecular structure of the graphite is arranged in a body centered cubic hexagon through high temperature. This hexagonal graphite can be used in iron If it is decomposed and nucleated directly in liquid, of course, the absorption rate is high. Other products are arranged in a compact way, which is not easy to decompose, which is not conducive to absorption.
The use of black silicon carbide powder in casting can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the amount of pig iron or no pig iron. The black silicon carbide powder should be put into the surface of hot metal with scrap steel and other furnace charge, and small dosage can be added on the surface of hot metal. However, it is necessary to avoid mass feeding into molten iron to prevent excessive oxidation, which may result in no obvious carburizing effect and insufficient carbon content in castings. The addition amount of black silicon carbide powder depends on the ratio of other raw materials and carbon content.
Black silicon carbide powder reduces the impurity of iron and becomes an indispensable material in foundry industry. It is a good product with high quality and benefit.
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