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Advantages of black silicon carbide as polishing material
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Using black silicon carbide to polish can effectively reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece and play a good role. Compared with other polishing materials, it has the following advantages.
1. The high purity and large crystalline silicon carbide raw material of black silicon carbide abrasive ensures the excellent cutting performance and stable physical state of silicon carbide cutting micro powder.
2. It has high thermal shock stability and load softening temperature, which ensures the minimum linear expansion coefficient of cutting under load, so as to ensure the stability of cutting. And it has good adaptability with cutting machine.
3. The particle size distribution is concentrated and uniform.
4. After special surface treatment, black silicon carbide has large specific surface area and clean appearance, and has good compatibility with polyethylene glycol cutting fluid.
5. The grain size is equal product and has edge, which ensures the balanced self sharpening of black silicon carbide as cutting tool, so as to minimize the material to be cut.
The black silicon carbide is easy to operate and saves a lot of cost.
Black silicon carbide
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