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What grinding requirements should black silicon carbide have
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As a kind of grinding material, black silicon carbide is widely used. It can make the workpiece meet different precision requirements, which requires higher requirements for the characteristics of black silicon carbide.
1、 It should have reasonable body structure. Reasonable determination should be made according to different grinding process conditions.
1. When grinding the internal thread, a group of threaded lapping tools are needed to finish the coarse to fine grinding;
2. When grinding the surface of the groove, a group of black silicon carbide strips are used to grind the bottom surface of the groove;
3. When the plane is ground, a group of black silicon carbide strips are used to grind the bottom surface of the groove;
4. When lapping a plane, a reasonable disc or square lapping tool is often used to make the unused part of the lapping tool into a concave hollow knife structure, because this shape structure is easy to obtain a good plane, while the rectangular lapping tool is rarely used;
5. In the grinding work, when the workpiece to be ground is not moving (such as long workpiece and heavy work piece), while the grinding workpiece is not moving (such as long workpiece, heavy work piece), and when the lapping tool moves, the determination of the body structure of the lapping tool should be based on the premise of basically meeting the rigidity, and the body should be small and light, the body structure should be symmetrical, and the movement should be stable characteristic;
6. When the lapping tool does not move and the workpiece is moving, the determination of the body structure of the lapping tool should ensure that the lapping tool has sufficient rigidity and load stability in the work. The groove can be used as a reservoir to store the surplus abrasive, so that the abrasive will not deposit and affect the machining accuracy. Colleagues can also promote the collection of residual chips in grinding to avoid scratching the surface of the workpiece. It also improves cutting ability and accelerates heat dissipation.
2、 It should have good wear resistance. In order to maintain the surface geometry accuracy of the lapping tool itself.
3、 The black silicon carbide itself should have a proper surface geometry. Different workpieces and different precision requirements have different requirements on the surface geometry accuracy.
4、 It should have enough rigidity. In grinding, if the rigidity of black silicon carbide is not enough, it will deform and even fracture. Therefore, the geometric accuracy of the surface is destroyed, and the machining accuracy can not be satisfied. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the limit size of scrapping and enhance the rigidity of the lapping tool.
5、 Under the condition of continuous use and room temperature variation, black silicon carbide should have the properties of dimensional stability and non deformation.
Black silicon carbide grinding economic and practical, high density, high hardness, meet the requirements of different industries, cost-effective, gradually more and more people love.
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