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Function of black silicon carbide powder as refractory
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Black silicon carbide powder is widely used in refractories with stable chemical property, affordable price and good quality. Different levels of application artifacts are also different.
The high temperature resistance of black silicon carbide powder can reach 1700-1800 ℃, high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal shock resistance, so it is often used as a high-quality refractory. As the main raw material of high quality refractory, it has excellent thermal shock resistance. It has high thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity) and low linear expansion coefficient.
The thermal conductivity is 64.4 w / (m · K) at 500 ℃. The thermal conductivity of SiC is 6.28 ~ 9.63 w · m ˉ 1 · K ˉ 1.
① High grade refractory black silicon carbide powder (i.e. primary silicon carbide). The chemical composition requirement of this brand is exactly the same as that of black silicon carbide for abrasive. It is mainly used to manufacture high-grade silicon carbide products, such as recrystallized silicon carbide products, gas turbine components, nozzles, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide parts, lining materials for high-temperature blast furnace, high-temperature kiln components, high-temperature kiln supporting parts, fire-resistant sagger, etc The use value of the product will also be higher.
② Secondary refractory black silicon carbide powder (secondary silicon carbide), containing more than 90% silicon carbide. It is mainly used for manufacturing medium high temperature resistant kiln components, such as muffle furnace lining materials. These components not only use the heat resistance and thermal conductivity of silicon carbide, but also use its chemical stability in many occasions, so as to better and further promote the development of materials.
③ Low grade refractory black silicon carbide powder (grade III silicon carbide) is mainly used for lining of tapping trough, hot metal ladle, zinc smelting industry and sponge iron manufacturing industry.
Black silicon carbide powder is an ideal refractory material. As an excellent supplier of black silicon carbide powder, our company provides you with high quality products of different grades.
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