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Function of black silicon carbide powder in plastics
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Because the price of black silicon carbide powder is cheaper than other products and has good performance, it is also used in the plastic industry, which plays a good role and improves the application reliability of products.
① The main function of black silicon carbide powder in plastics is to improve the thermal conductivity, reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion and molding shrinkage, and can also play a reinforcing role, but it will lead to the increase of the viscosity of the molding compound and reduce the formability, so the filling amount should be selected appropriately.
② In the process of using black silicon carbide powder, it is necessary to modify its surface. The main purpose of surface modification of mineral powders as fillers is to change the physical and chemical properties of fillers, improve their dispersion in resins and organic polymers, enhance the interfacial compatibility between fillers and resins, and then improve the mechanical properties and moisture resistance of materials.
③ There are many surface modification methods of black silicon carbide powder. According to the different modification properties, it can be divided into physical method, chemical method and coating method. According to the difference of specific technology, it can be divided into coating method, coupling agent method, calcination method and water leaching method. According to the nature, means and purpose of modification, it can be divided into coating method, precipitation reaction method, surface chemistry method, grafting method and mechanochemistry method Law.
The quality of black silicon carbide powder affects the properties of plastic such as adhesion, so we should ask the manufacturer for quality identification when selecting this product, so as to ensure the use of qualified products.
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