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Storage of black silicon carbide powder
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In order to prevent the quality of black silicon carbide powder from being affected by the doping of external substances, attention should be paid to the storage. The first point is to keep away from residential areas to prevent dust pollution.
① Keep away from open flames. The storage room should be cool and ventilated.
② The storage site of black silicon carbide powder should be equipped with fixed fire water facilities and small dry powder, carbon dioxide and other fire-fighting equipment.
③ The lighting, exhaust fan and switch in the storage room shall have dust-proof and explosion-proof functions.
④ There should be sunshade and rainproof measures in the open storage place of black silicon carbide powder.
⑤ It can't be mixed with alkali, acid and oxidant, and should be stored separately.
After the above measures are taken, regular patrol inspection should be carried out for the storage of black silicon carbide powder, so as to grasp the storage status at any time and realize safe storage.
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