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Crushing equipment of black silicon carbide powder
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One of the refining processes of black silicon carbide powder is crushing, and then smelting at high temperature through resistance furnace. Grinding mainly adopts mechanical crushing method to produce various particle sizes, with small loss and low cost.
At present, there are many kinds of equipment for grinding black silicon carbide powder in China. Such as: mixing mill, vibration mill, roller mill, airflow mill and ball mill and so on.
1. The traditional ball mill is used earlier and has good stability, but it has low efficiency, high energy consumption, and it is not easy to get very fine powder. The particle size distribution range of the processed powder is wide, which increases the difficulty of classification.
2. The grinding effect of the vibration mill is good, but its energy consumption is high, the noise is large, and the equipment wear is serious when grinding hard materials such as silicon carbide.
3. The jet mill has high production efficiency, small production capacity and simple process, but it is difficult to produce micro powder below 5 μ m, the nozzle is easy to wear, and the equipment investment is large.
4. Roller mill has the advantages of large processing capacity, adjustable work and easy adjustment of product particle size. It is used as the equipment for silicon carbide powder processing at home and abroad, among which the most representative is Raymond mill.
Using the right and reasonable equipment to produce black silicon carbide powder can obviously improve the uniformity of the powder particles and ensure the quality of the product.
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