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Relationship between particle size and quality of black sili
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The particle size of black silicon carbide powder, which is what we usually call the specification, determines the grinding quality. The conclusion drawn from practice is that the finer the particle size is, the higher the dimensional accuracy and surface finish can be obtained. The powder with larger particle size is often used for rough grinding with large machining allowance.
① The black silicon carbide powder with small particle size is suitable for micro cutting, and the surface finish is between Δ 12 and Δ 14.
② For different precision requirements, there is an abrasive particle size with the highest cutting ability, but this does not mean that the cutting ability of all abrasives with the selected size number is the highest, but depends on the number of basic particles in each batch of abrasive with the same particle size.
③ Both coarse particles and fine particles are unfavorable to the quality of grinding process. The grinding efficiency of coarse particles will be reduced and the cutting effect of fine particles will be small. Therefore, in the grinding process, the particles of black silicon carbide powder should be basically uniform. In order to improve the cutting ability of abrasives, it is effective to increase the number of basic particles in the abrasive. For the grinding powder with 40% basic particles, if it is centrifuged again, the basic particles can be increased by about 60%. The practice shows that the cutting ability of the grinding powder after re separation will be increased by 20 ~ 30% compared with that before separation.
In order to be able to use black silicon carbide powder for a longer time, we should purchase it according to the working conditions and choose the suitable particle size.
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