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Deburring effect of black silicon carbide
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There is no doubt that the effect of black silicon carbide used for polishing is undoubted. In order to avoid affecting the final product, it is necessary to use high-quality deburring materials in order to avoid affecting the final product.
Rough edge may be produced if cutting speed, cutting amount and path are not used properly. In fact, due to the limitation of tool size, in a strict sense, the existence of burr is inevitable, which is only affected by the thickness of the burr. So how do we get rid of the burrs?
Black silicon carbide is hard and brittle, with strong cutting force, good chemical stability, uniform and concentrated particle size distribution and uniform single particle shape. The maximum wear resistance can be achieved by using a minimum amount of silicon carbide. So, which industries can be used for deburring?
① Black silicon carbide can be used for deburring of various plastics.
② De burring processing of bakelite.
③ Deburring of electronic parts (such as resistor, capacitor, transistor, IC, plastic, hardware, etc.) and magnetic core.
④ De burring processing of zinc products and aluminum die casting products.
⑤ Black silicon carbide is also suitable for polishing various precision instrument parts, ultra precision grinding and crystal grinding and polishing of machine tool spindle, super essential oil stone manufacturing, steel ball polishing, etc. It is widely used in grinding and polishing of electronics, optical instruments, glasses, bearings, quartz crystals, high-grade refractories, etc.
Black silicon carbide is widely used in industry. It takes high-quality silica as the main raw material and has strong grinding ability. The surface of the products is smooth. Please contact us if you need it!
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