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Effect of sandblasting with black silicon carbide
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In many industries, black silicon carbide is not only used as abrasives, but also used in the shipbuilding industry. Due to the fact that ships travel on the sea all the year round, many parts are corroded by sea water and will rust. The use of this product has played a great role in cleaning. For details, please refer to the following contents.
First of all, most of the large ships are made of steel, and steel is floating on the sea all year round, which is affected by a series of factors, such as seawater corrosion, marine atmospheric environment, the change of temperature difference between day and night, high humidity of air and so on. Therefore, the sandblasting and coating work with black silicon carbide is particularly strict. Cleaning is the first and the most important step, which directly affects the service life of the coating.
① It should be noted that the soluble salt content of black silicon carbide after sandblasting should be low. If too much soluble salt is embedded in the sand blasting, even if the coating is well protected, the soluble salt inside can still absorb the external moisture and achieve permeability foaming inside. After a long time, it is easy to produce expansion, reduce the adhesion of the coating, and potentially threaten the life of the ship coating. The soluble salt content on steel surface is less than 0.01%. After coating, there is almost no contact with external moisture. So the potential risk of internal corrosion is lower.
② Pay attention to the cleaning effect. If there are still some stains, corrosion layer and paint skin on the hull after sandblasting, the ship is still in danger of being corroded. However, most of the abrasives stay in the cleaning effect of Sa2.5 grade, and only a few Abrasives can meet the requirements of the highest grade of SA3, and emery is one of the abrasives that can reach the SA3 standard. In the sand blasting process, black silicon carbide can go deep into the concave and convex parts for deep cleaning, showing metallic luster, no visible scratches, and the surface roughness is 30-80 μ M.
The use of black silicon carbide sand blasting has obvious economic performance, which not only reduces the maintenance cost of boatman, but also plays an obvious role.
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