Effect of black silicon carbide as additive
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With the development of industry, black silicon carbide as an additive is used in various industries, plays an important role in improving product quality and production process.
① Energy saving. With good heat conduction and thermal stability, as a heat exchanger, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 20%, the fuel consumption can be saved by 35%, and the production rate can be improved by 20-30%. Especially for the discharge pipeline used in mine dressing plant, the wear resistance of black silicon carbide is 6-7 times higher than that of general wear-resistant materials.
② Nonferrous metals. The use of black silicon carbide has high temperature resistance, high strength, excellent heat conduction function and impact resistance. It can be used for direct heating data at high temperature, such as retort furnace, rectifying furnace tray, aluminum reduction cell, copper melting furnace lining, arc plate for zinc powder furnace, thermocouple maintenance pipe, etc. Iron and steel use, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, wear resistance, good heat conduction characteristics, used in large blast furnace lining, improve the service life.
③ Ceramic grinding wheel industry. Using its characteristics of thermal conductivity, thermal radiation, high thermal intensity, making thin plate kiln furniture can not only reduce the kiln capacity, but also improve the loading capacity and product quality of the kiln and shorten the production cycle.
The successful application and good effect of black silicon carbide have won the hearts of the people, and the addition amount varies according to the use.
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