Application of black silicon carbide in foundry industry
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Foundry industry has become an important part of modern industry. Black silicon carbide plays an important role in this industry. With the technical changes, more and more people pay attention to it.
① The application of black silicon carbide can help to improve the quality of products. Because silicon carbide can effectively add fluidity, make the composition of molten iron stable and avoid segregation appearance. Then the sensitivity of wall thickness can be reduced to make the arrangement compact and the cutting surface bright.
② Black silicon carbide can increase the nucleation ability of casting graphite, effectively and significantly improve the machinability and mechanical properties of castings. In addition, SiC can avoid separating carbides, add ferrite volume and reduce white mouth appearance.
③ Black silicon carbide can also be a powerful deoxidizer, which can purify molten iron, reduce the amount of spheroidizing agent, and improve the spheroidizing rate. It is helpful to save production costs.
④ On eliminating the oxidation elements of molten iron, the oxidation of furnace wall is reduced and the life of furnace wall is extended by 30%. The color of silicon carbide is also different, so it is often seen that silicon carbide has colorful color under natural light.
Black silicon carbide has become an indispensable product in modern industry. The ability to understand the product plays an important role in the later application.
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