How to place black silicon carbide correctly
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Black silicon carbide has been widely used in refractory, chemical, abrasive, electrical and other industries. It has good thermal conductivity and stability. In order to make these characteristics play, it is necessary to store them correctly.
1. If there are damaged packages during transportation, it is better to store them separately to avoid dust pollution (we can replace the damaged packages).
2. Black silicon carbide has strong hygroscopicity, so it is avoided to remove the moisture-proof film for storage as far as possible, so as to avoid being affected by moisture and shorten the drying time.
3. To achieve orderly storage, the same batch number is best placed in rows to avoid errors in the process of reclaiming.
4. It is suggested that the warehouse should be closed and stored separately.
5. The principle of "first in first out" should be adopted as far as possible to avoid agglomeration of raw materials due to long storage time.
Black silicon carbide is very strict with all kinds of parameters, chemical and physical indicators. The above is the storage skills for you. I hope it will help you.
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