Reuse of black silicon carbide slag
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In the production of black silicon carbide, the waste residue is the part of the material left after its use. It can not only produce silicon alloy materials with various alloy raw materials, but also make silicon slag ball, which can be reused, not only saving the cost, but also reusing the resources.
The silicon slag ball produced by black silicon carbide slag is the ball with different diameter pressed by silicon slag, which is used in casting and steelmaking. Silicon slag is an accessory product produced in the process of ferrosilicon production. It is mainly used for steel slag to smelt pig iron, improve furnace temperature, promote slag discharge and increase grade. It can also be used in small foundry furnace to replace ferrosilicon, improve the fluidity of molten iron, and improve the toughness and cutting ability of castings. It can be seen that silicon slag is a kind of high quality alloy additive, which is very helpful to industrial cast iron.
The production of black silicon carbide slag is an inevitable phenomenon. We reprocess and utilize these wastes, which not only reduces the waste of resources, but also protects the environment. Why not?
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